Neil's Secondhand Naim Buyers Guide

Hopefully this little guide will help you steer your way around the Naim equipment, and particularly help you get some good second hand gear. Hopefully I'm factually correct (apologies to Naim if I'm not) and I should point out that any opinions about the equipment are mine and so perhaps should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Seeing as this little guide was originally intended for people looking for older second hand bargains, I have decide not to try and keep current items on here (except a few things that have been around for a while). Naim's pages tells you all about those.

I haven't said anything about the really old preamps (eg 12S) which came in the old boxes. I feel there is little point as you can get more modern versions cheaply. I am not a world expert on Naim gear, and so if you think I got something wrong please email me and I'll correct it.

NOTE: this was written in the mid 1990s and so be aware estimated prices (and availability) is likely to be inaccurate!


Phono cards

Preamp power supplies

Active crossovers

Power amps

Integrated amps

Secondhand bargains