What Julian thought....

Someone kindly sent me a few snippets from the Naim forum concerning me. I don't really mind getting slagged off, but one posting from Julian Vereker did highlight a couple of issues that I should comment on. He said:

"We have had a few pre-amps into the service dept which have had McBride mods, and I was truly shocked to hear how much of what we understand as Naim's ability to make equipment that 'plays music' had been lost.

I also find it odd that he can modify our equipment for 'improved performance', but he is unable to fix even the most minor problem that would not defeat any competent technician."

Clearly the implication is that I mod a lot of stuff for people, which then goes wrong and I refuse to fix it, or cannot fix it because of technical incompetence.

In reality however, I do not generally mod equipment belonging to `the public'. Naim has certainly never had a bona fide `McBride preamp' anywhere near them. In fact there are only 3 `McBride preamps' in the public domain, and I know where they are and who has them. I have etched some boards for people and even supplied a few sets of modded phono boards, but in general everything I do is for me and my friends' systems.

Oh, and should anything go wrong I certainly would bend over backwards to put it right, and am competent enough to fix anything I have modded myself.

In fact, as people will know, I do try to be as helpful as I can. I get lots of emails from people about these web pages, and from people who want some advice on doing particular mods. I always reply and offer advice where I can. I get a fair few people who pop up without warning saying `I've done some mods and they're great', although most people do contact me first before trying any mods. But I have NEVER had any emails from people saying `I tried the mods and they sound awful' (or anything along these lines).

And so I wonder just what Naim have been sent. Perhaps there have been some people who tried some mods, mucked it up (which presumably is why it would be in the service department), and were too embarrassed to tell me... although I would be very surprised if this were the case. If so I wonder whether Naim have had anything which bears much resemblance to the mods that I do.... and I have little idea of what someone else's botched preamp might sound like.

It does highlight some important points though.

Firstly, no matter what mods you do, you should remember that Naim would probably `disapprove' (with all the peer pressure that might go with that).

Secondly, you do things at your own risk. Although I try to be helpful to those enthusiasts who want to pick up the soldering iron, in the end it's your call and your responsibility. Your gamble.

Finally, I am interested in how people get on. If there is anyone for who the mods haven't been a success, I would like to know. In fact any feedback at all is always welcome.

Happy Tweaking....